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About Social Media


There will never be agreement as to just what the term “Social Media” comprises, since the most commonly cited examples of it (as of this writing Facebook and Twitter, for example) will vary from time to time. But we can say that if regular media involves a “one-way” flow of information - where a person reads a newspaper or watches a report on television - social media is a “two-way street” enabling communication from the receiving person to both the originator of the message and to the world at large. Mastery of social media tools is an essential element of success in the planning, implementation and measurement of modern information campaigns.

With conventional one-way communications, the targets of the message have had a very limited ability to respond. Leveraging social media technologies changes the dynamic of the communication, shifting message control. In the social media world, control over public opinion is held not by those who have the greatest technical means but by those whose message resonates with the public, even when their capital investment in technology is a small fraction of that held by the "opposition". The “content producers” in this case could be a music video band, a political movement, or a toothpaste marketing team.

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