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Basecamp Classic

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Course duration

  • 2 Days

Course Outline

In this Basecamp training class, you will learn how to effectively manage your projects online using Basecamp, the leading web-based project collaboration tool.

  • Learn to customize your Basecamp workspace.
  • Learn to efficiently manage people, companies, and permissions.
  • Learn to define, populate, search, and manage projects.
  • Learn to enter and track milestones, To-Do lists, and scheduling information.
  • Learn to use iCalendar and integrate with your company's other calendar tools.
  • Learn to post messages and share files.
  • Learn to collaborate with Basecamp's Writeboard, Chat, and RSS tools.
  • Learn to quickly view project activity on the Dashboard.
  • Learn to simplify access with 37signals ID and Launchpad.
  • Learn to extend Basecamp with reporting, charting, billing, and accounting.
  • Learn to integrate Basecamp with the iPhone and other smartphones.
  • Experience with project management.
  1. Getting Started with Basecamp
    1. Introducing Online, Collaborative Project Management
    2. Adding a Logo
    3. Specifying Color Schemes
    4. Defining Default Settings
  2. Managing People, Companies, and Permissions
    1. Setting Up People and Companies in Basecamp
    2. Understanding Account Owner and Administrator Roles
    3. Managing People in Basecamp
    4. Managing Companies in Basecamp
    5. Assigning Account Administrators
  3. Working with Basecamp Projects
    1. Defining Projects
    2. Creating a Project
    3. Assigning People and Permissions to Projects
    4. Managing Project Settings
    5. Searching Project Data
    6. Creating Subprojects
  4. Entering and Tracking Milestones in Basecamp
    1. Setting Realistic Milestones
    2. Understanding Milestone Permissions
    3. Adding Milestones
    4. Adding Multiple Milestones
    5. Editing Milestones
    6. Commenting on Milestones
    7. Completing Milestones
    8. Viewing Milestones
    9. Deleting Milestones
  5. Entering and Tracking To-Dos
    1. Understanding To-Do Lists
    2. Understanding To-Do List Permissions
    3. Creating To-Do List Templates
    4. Creating To-Do Lists
    5. Editing To-Do Lists
    6. Commenting on To-Do Items
    7. Completing To-Do Items
    8. Reordering To-Do Lists
    9. Viewing To-Do Lists
    10. Deleting To-Do Lists
  6. Working with iCalendar
    1. Understanding iCalendar
    2. Subscribing to an iCalendar Feed
    3. Troubleshooting Problems with iCalendar
  7. Posting and Commenting on Messages
    1. Posting a Message
    2. Leaving Message Comments
    3. Formatting Message and Comment Text
    4. Sending a Comment by Email
    5. Viewing Messages and Comments
    6. Editing Messages and Comments
    7. Deleting Messages and Comments
  8. Sharing Files in Basecamp
    1. Uploading Files
    2. Viewing Project Files
    3. Editing File Details
    4. Uploading New File Versions
    5. Deleting Files
  9. Tracking and Managing Time in Basecamp
    1. Understanding Time Tracking in Basecamp
    2. Entering Time Associated with a To-Do List Item
    3. Entering Time on the Time Page
    4. Viewing Time Entries
    5. Editing Time Entries
    6. Deleting Time Entries
    7. Creating a Time Report
    8. Exporting Time Entries
  10. Collaborating with Writeboards in Basecamp
    1. Getting Started with Basecamp Writeboards
    2. Creating a Writeboard
    3. Editing a Writeboard
    4. Formatting Writeboard Text
    5. Making Writeboard Comments
    6. Viewing and Comparing Writeboard Versions
    7. Exporting a Writeboard
    8. Deleting a Writeboard
  11. Working with Chat Functionality
    1. Understanding Basecamp's Chat Functionality
    2. Understanding Campfire Account Types
    3. Signing Up for a Campfire Account
    4. Configuring Basecamp to Work with Campfire
    5. Participating in Group Chats
    6. Providing Guest Access to Your Chat Room
  12. Viewing Project Activity on the Basecamp Dashboard
    1. Viewing the Dashboard as a Project Owner or Administrator
    2. Viewing the Dashboard as a Basecamp User
    3. Working with RSS Feeds
    4. Understanding RSS Feeds
    5. Selecting a Feed Reader
    6. Subscribing to Your Global RSS Feed
    7. Subscribing to a Project's RSS Feed
    8. Viewing Your Feed
  13. Managing Your Basecamp Account
    1. Understanding Account Management Options
    2. Changing Your Basecamp URL
    3. Changing Your Credit Card
    4. Viewing Your Invoices
    5. Upgrading Your Account
    6. Downgrading Your Account
    7. Paying in One Lump Sum
    8. Changing the Account Owner
    9. Canceling Your Account
    10. Enabling the Basecamp API
    11. Exporting Your Basecamp Data
    12. Joining the Basecamp Affiliate Program
  14. Integrating Basecamp with Add-ons and Other 37signals Applications
    1. Applications
    2. Integrating with Other 37signals Applications
    3. Understanding Basecamp Add-ons
    4. Choosing the Right Add-on Application
    5. Integrating Basecamp with Invoicing, Billing, and Accounting Applications
    6. Integrating with Reporting, Charting, and Planning Applications
    7. Integrating with Time-Tracking Applications
    8. Integrating with Other Third-Party Applications
  15. Accessing Basecamp from Mobile Devices
    1. Understanding Mobile Access Options
    2. Accessing Basecamp from Your iPhone
    3. Accessing Basecamp from Other Mobile Devices

Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes

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