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    adobeInterSource offers live instructor-led courses on all Adobe technologies, including Acrobat, ActionScript, AfterEffects, Captivate, ColdFusion, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Flex, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign,Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and RoboHelp.

    Please refer to our detailed course outlines below.

  • About Adobe

    Following the acquisition of its former arch-rival Macromedia, Adobe Inc. has assumed a place of unrivalled dominance in the fields of multimedia, graphic and print production. In many of these domains, Adobe products are the technology-defining industry standards. These include:

    • Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Illustrator to create and manipulate documents and images;
    • ColdFusion and Content Server for database management and server requirements;
    • Flash and Flex and for more interactive, dynamic sites and rich internet applications;
    • FrameMaker for authoring documents and creating efficient, reusable templates;
    • Acrobat, for creation of Portable Document Format (PDF), the industry standard for portable content;
    • Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute for Web design;
    • Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for Video editing and visual effects.
    • RoboHelp for providing context-sensitive Help internal to the application;
    • and finally Adobe Captivate for the creation of eLearning software.

    Extensive product descriptions, video demonstrations, and trial downloads are available for each application at the Adobe website.

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    Classes are offered at client sites, at our Geneva training center, and via a live web conference. For detailed course outlines and scheduled classes, please see below.

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Section 508 Accessibility for Adobe Acrobat

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Course duration

  • 1 Days

Course Outline

In the Adobe Acrobat Accessibility course, students experienced with using Acrobat will learn to make their documents accessible to people with disabilities such as mobility impairments, blindness, and low vision.

  • Learn the characteristics of accessible PDF files.
  • Learn the different workflows for creating accessible PDF files.
  • Adobe Acrobat
  1. Each PDF File is Different
    1. Two Workflows for Creating Accessible PDF Files
    2. Characteristics of Accessible PDF Files
      1. Searchable Text
      2. Fonts that Allow Characters to Be Extracted to Text
      3. Interactive Form Fields
      4. Other Interactive Features: Buttons, Hyperlinks, and Navigational Aids
      5. Document Language
      6. Security that Will Not Interfere with Assistive Technology
      7. Document Structure Tags and Proper Read Order
      8. Alternative Text Descriptions
    3. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader Accessibility Features
      1. Features for Accessible Reading of PDFs
      2. Features for Creating Accessible PDFs
    4. The Acrobat X Pro Accessibility Guide Series
      1. PDF Accessibility Overview
      2. Creating Accessible PDF Documents from Microsoft Word
      3. Acrobat X Pro PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow
      4. Using the Accessibility Checker in Acrobat X Pro
      5. Creating Accessible PDF Forms with Acrobat X Pro
      6. Acrobat X Pro Complete Best Practices for Accessibility
  2. Acrobat X Pro PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow
    1. Step 1: Examine the PDF File
    2. Step 2: Determine if the PDF is a Scanned Document
    3. Step 3: Add Interactive Features: Form Fields and Buttons
    4. Step 4: Add Other Accessibility Features
    5. Step 5: Determine if the PDF File is a Tagged PDF File
    6. Step 6: Determine if the PDF File is Properly Tagged
    7. Step 7: Use the Accessibility Checker to Evaluate the PDF File
  3. Acrobat X Pro Accessible Forms and Interactive Documents
    1. PDF Form Fields
    2. Acrobat Form Wizard
    3. Enter Forms Editing Mode Directly
    4. Create Form Fields Manually
    5. Forms Editing Mode
    6. Form Field Properties
    7. Editing or Modifying an Existing Form Field
    8. Buttons
    9. Set the Tab Order
    10. Add Other Accessibility Features
  4. Creating Accessible PDF Files from Microsoft Word
    1. Create an Accessible Microsoft Word Document
    2. Adobe Acrobat X PDFMaker
    3. View PDFMaker Conversion Settings
    4. PDF Settings for Other Microsoft Office Applications
    5. Convert the Word Document to Accessible PDF
      1. Microsoft Office 2003
      2. Microsoft Office 2007
      3. Microsoft Office 2010
    6. If the Word Document Is a Form
    7. Check the Resulting PDF With Acrobat X Pro
      1. Changes to the Conversion Settings
      2. Repairs You Should Make in the Source File
      3. Repairs You Should Make in the PDF File
      4. Tab Order is Consistent with Structure Order
  5. Using the Acrobat X Pro Accessibility Checker
    1. Accessibility Quick Check
      1. Quick Check Results
    2. Full Check
      1. Accessibility Full Check Options
    3. Additional Validation Techniques

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