Object-Oriented ActionScript Training


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In this hands-on ActionScript training class you will learn how to develop reusable Flash based applications using ActionScript 3.0 and an object-oriented approach. This course is also suitable if you wish to use ActionScript 3.0 to create components for Flex-based development.

This ActionScript class starts by introducing Object-Oriented ActionScript and exploring the ActionScript 3.0 language and its features. You'll learn how to implement ActionScript 3.0 code using object-oriented concepts through various hands-on exercises. You will also find out about real-world applications and learn various useful tips and tricks, when we will have an in-depth look at the development workflow and at how you can best structure applications and use design patterns to solve common problems and help you optimize the development workflow.

  1. Introducing ActionScript 3.0
    1. What is ActionScript?
    2. Learning ActionScript 3.0 syntax
    3. New features in ActionScript 3.0
    4. Classes and objects
    5. Methods and properties
    6. Scope and access modifiers
  2. Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Inheritance
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Polymorphism
    4. Interfaces
  3. Developer workflow and best practices
    1. Document class
    2. SWC compilation
    3. Flash/Flex integration
  4. Design Patterns
    1. What are Design Patterns?
    2. Implementing Design Patterns
    3. Observer
    4. Singleton
    5. Command
    6. Model-View-Controller
  5. Best Practices and bringing it all together
    1. Working in teams Source and version control
    2. Frameworks

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