Adobe After Effects CS5: Motion and Sculpting


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this Adobe After Effects CS5 training class, students who already have experience with After Effects will learn to improve their motion graphics and visual effects by taking the rhythm of their movement and treatment of their graphical elements to another level.

  1. Animation Techniques
    1. Creating a Composition
    2. Basic Animation
    3. Keyframe Velocity
    4. Animation Assistance
  2. Layer Management
    1. The Layer Essentials
    2. Trimming
    3. Motion Blur and More
  3. Modes, Masks, & Mattes
    1. Blending Modes
    2. All About Masking
    3. All About Track Mattes
    4. Stencils and the "T''
  4. Cameras! Lights! Action!
    1. 3D Space
    2. Cameras
    3. Lighting in 3D
  5. Building Hierarchies
    1. Parenting Skills
    2. Nesting Compositions
    3. Precomposing
    4. Collapsing Transformations
  6. Text Animation
    1. Textacy
  7. Effects & Presets
    1. Applying and Using Effects
    2. Effects Roundup
    3. Compound Effects
    4. Presets and Variations
  8. Color & Keying
    1. Color Management
    2. Keying
  9. Time & Tracking
    1. Frame Rate Manipulation
    2. Motion Stabilization
    3. Motion Tracking
  10. Drawing, Painting, & Puppetry
    1. Shape Layers
    2. Paint and Clone
    3. Vector Paint
    4. The Puppet Tools
  11. Working with Audio
    1. Working with Audio
    2. Audio Effects

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, 5th Edition

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