Advanced Captivate 6 Training


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Course Outline

In this advanced Captivate training class, you will learn Captivate 6's higher-end functionality while improving your production skills via project templates, design templates, advanced actions and scripts. You will learn to collaborate with team members via Captivate's powerful commenting features. You'll enhance your users experience via variables that will make it seem like each eLearning lesson you produce has been customized for and is talking directly to your customer.

  1. Reviewing the Essentials
    1. Planning eLearning Projects
    2. The Development Process
    3. Resolution and Recording Size
    4. Captivates Recordings Settings
    5. Text Caption Pre-Editing
    6. Access for Assistive Devices
    7. Rehearsals
    8. Custom Recordings
    9. Text Caption Pre-Editing
  2. Video Demos
    1. Creating Video Projects
    2. Zooming and Panning
    3. Splitting
    4. Trimming
  3. Custom Styles, Branching and Aggregating
    1. Creating Object Styles
    2. Combining Projects
    3. Branching
    4. Creating Groups
    5. Aggregating
  4. Question Pools
    1. Pools and Random Question Slides
  5. Accessible eLearning
    1. Accessibility and Captivate
    2. Accessibility Text
    3. Shortcut Keys
    4. Closed Captioning
  6. Variables and Widgets
    1. Variables
    2. Widgets
    3. Interactions
  7. Actions
    1. Simple Actions
    2. Conditional Actions
    3. Multiple Decision Blocks
  8. Reviewing and Background Editing
    1. Collaborating
    2. Background Editing
    3. Integrating Photoshop
  9. Master Slides, Themes and Templates
    1. Master Slides
    2. Themes
    3. Project Templates
    4. Template Placeholders
  10. Reporting Results
    1. as an LMS Alternative
    2. LMS Reporting Options
    3. Manifest Files
    4. Advanced Interaction
    5. Content Packages
    6. Uploading to an LMS

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