Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS4 Training


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Course Outline

This Adobe Illustrator training course introduces students to the basics of Illustrator. It is packed with hands-on exercises so that students can learn by doing.

  1. Adobe Illustrator CS4 Jumpstart
    1. Creating the background
    2. Taking advantage of graphic styles
    3. One object, multiple fills and strokes
    4. Saving a graphic style
    5. Creating a symbol from the circle art
    6. Creating the text logo
    7. Applying the graphic style to the text logo
    8. Warping the text logo
    9. Using the Color Guide
    10. Incorporating an image into your artwork
    11. Erasing vector paths and shapes
    12. Creating a 3-D object
  2. Getting to Know the Workspace
    1. Opening Illustrator
    2. Choosing a workspace
    3. Opening a file
    4. The document window
    5. Switching screen modes
    6. Changing your view
    7. Preview versus Outlines
    8. Zooming and scrolling
    9. Scrolling with the Hand tool
    10. Changing views with the Navigator panel
    11. Panels and workspaces
    12. The Tools panel
    13. Using tools and panels
    14. The Control panel
    15. Moving the Control panel
    16. Panel groups and the dock
    17. Custom workspaces
    18. Saving workspaces
    19. Using the Manage Workspaces dialog box
    20. Customizing keyboard shortcuts
    21. Custom shortcuts
    22. Saving shortcut sets
    23. Deleting shortcut sets
  3. Illustrator CS4 Essentials
    1. Using the shape tools
    2. Repositioning and visually resizing the rectangle
    3. Finding or changing the shape's dimensions using the Transform panel
    4. Rotating and shearing using the Transform panel
    5. Constraining a shape
    6. Entering exact dimensions
    7. Selecting artwork
    8. Helpful keyboard shortcuts for selections
    9. The selection tools
    10. Isolation mode
    11. Using shape and transform tools to create artwork
    12. Using the transform tools
    13. Adding a fill color
    14. Entering a shape size in the Transform panel
    15. Viewing in Outline view
    16. Rotating the shape
    17. Changing the color of the triangles
    18. Using layers when building an illustration
    19. Creating a new blank layer
    20. Cutting and pasting objects
    21. Creating bubbles
    22. Cloning the bubble group
    23. Repeating a resize transform
    24. Moving objects from one layer to another
  4. Adding Color
    1. Basics of the Appearance panel
    2. Fills and strokes
    3. Saving swatches
    4. Global colors
    5. Saving a set of colors as a group
    6. Using the Color Guide panel
    7. Coloring objects
    8. Live Paint
    9. Live Color
    10. Creating a gradient swatch
    11. Creating a pattern swatch
    12. Loading Pantone colors
    13. Applying spot colors to the logo
  5. Working with the Drawing Tools
    1. Working with the Pen tool
    2. Drawing straight lines
    3. Drawing curved lines
    4. Drawing hinged curves
    5. Drawing curved lines to straight lines
    6. Drawing straight lines to curved lines
    7. Tracing images
    8. Placing an image as a template
    9. Other drawing tools
    10. Using the Line Segment and Arc tools
    11. Using the Pencil, Smooth, and Path Eraser tools
    12. Using the Eraser tool
    13. Editing existing paths
    14. Adding and removing points
    15. Refining a curve
    16. Cutting and joining paths
    17. Working with Live Trace
    18. Using the tracing presets
    19. Understanding tracing options
    20. Expanding Live Traced artwork
    21. Working with Live Paint
    22. Creating a Live Paint group
    23. Setting Gap Detection options
    24. Using the Live Paint Bucket tool
    25. Using the Live Paint Selection tool
  6. Working with and Formatting Text
    1. Formatting type
    2. Paragraph formatting
    3. Formatting imported type
    4. Paragraph and character styles
    5. Text wrap
    6. Advanced techniques with text
    7. Text on a path
    8. Warping text
    9. Text in a shape
    10. Creating outlines
    11. Check spelling
    12. Find and Replace

Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom

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