Introduction to ColdFusion Training for Programmers


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Course Outline

This is an introductory ColdFusion class for Web designers who are brand new to ColdFusion, but are not totally unfamiliar with basic programming. You will learn to process forms, manage sessions, write reusable code and create database-driven ColdFusion-based websites.

  1. ColdFusion Basics
    1. How ColdFusion Works
      1. ColdFusion Application Server
      2. ColdFusion Markup Language
    2. ColdFusion Variables
      1. Variable Names
      2. Variable Prefixes and Scope
      3. Using <cfoutput>
      4. Passing Variables on the URL
      5. ColdFusion Comments
    3. HTML Forms and ColdFusion Variables
      1. How HTML Forms Work
      2. A Sample HTML Form
    4. Built-in Functions
      1. ColdFusion Function References
      2. Date & Time Functions
      3. Pound Sign Usage
    5. Arithmetic and String Operators
  2. Flow Control
    1. Conditional Processing
      1. If-Else if-Else Blocks
      2. Switch Blocks
      3. Decision and Boolean Operators
      4. Short-circuiting
      5. Condition Examples
    2. Redirection Using <cflocation>
    3. isDefined() and <cfparam>
    4. Loops
      1. Index Loops
      2. Conditional Loops
      3. List Loops
      4. Other Types of Loops
      5. <cfbreak>
    5. <cfsavecontent>
  3. Lists and Arrays
    1. Lists
      1. List Functions
    2. One-dimensional Arrays
      1. Creating Arrays
      2. Reading from Arrays
      3. Looping through Arrays
      4. Array Functions
    3. Two-dimensional Arrays
      1. Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays
      2. Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays
  4. Form Validation
    1. <cfform> Basics
    2. Auto-generated Form Validation
      1. Form Validation with <cfform>
      2. Server-Side Validation without <cfform>
    3. Masking Input Values
    4. Custom Server-Side Form Validation
      1. IsValid()
  5. Database Access and Authentication
    1. A Database-less Login Form
    2. <cfquery>
    3. Outputting Database Data
  6. Reusing Code and Writing Functions
    1. Including Files
      1. A Note on Security
    2. Application.cfm and OnRequestEnd.cfm
    3. User-defined Functions
      1. Defining and Calling Functions
  7. Session & Application Management
    1. Sessions
      1. Configuring Sessions
      2. The <cfapplication> Tag
      3. Basics of Structures
      4. Session Example
    2. Cookies
  8. Working with Files and Directories
    1. Using <cffile>
      1. Reading from a File
    2. Writing and Appending to Files
      1. Uploading a New File
    3. File Functions
    4. Using <cfdirectory>
      1. Listing Directory Contents
    5. Directory Functions
  9. Sending Email with ColdFusion
    1. Configuring Settings
      1. Mail Server Settings
      2. Mail Spooling Settings
      3. Mail Logging Settings
      4. Mail Character Set Settings
    2. Using <cfmail>
      1. Sending Email as HTML
      2. Attaching Files

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