Intermediate Flash CS4 Training


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this intermediate Flash training course, students will build upon their existing Flash skills to learn to create more advanced and dynamic Flash applications by integrating ActionScript and using some of Flash's more advanced features.

  1. Introducing ActionScript
    1. Exploring the lesson file
    2. What is ActionScript?
    3. ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0: Which should you use?
    4. An important note about Publish settings
    5. The Actions panel at work
    6. Standard (default) script editing mode
    7. Using Script Assist
    8. Adding & removing actions
    9. Adding actions to frames
    10. Using stop( )
    11. Using the goto action to navigate the Timeline
    12. Controlling Movie Clip Timelines
    13. Functions
    14. Wrapping up
  2. Creating Button Symbols
    1. Working with button symbols
    2. Building buttons
    3. Adding text to a button
    4. Duplicating and modifying buttons
    5. Creating text-based buttons
    6. Creating frame labels for ActionScript
    7. Adding ActionScript: Events and event handlers
    8. Understanding events
    9. Responding to events with event handlers
    10. Tying it all together with event listeners
    11. Linking buttons to specific frames
    12. Adding an event listener to a button
    13. Linking buttons to a web site
    14. Introducing navigateToURL( ) and URLRequest( )
  3. Adding Sound to Your Movies
    1. Preparing sound files for Flash
    2. Sample rate and bit depth
    3. Editing your audio
    4. Mono or stereo
    5. Audio file formats
    6. Importing sounds
    7. Placing sounds on the Timeline
    8. Adding sound to your slide show project
    9. Adding the remaining narration
    10. Adding sound effects to buttons
    11. Placing Event sounds on button frames
    12. Controlling sounds
    13. Editing sounds
    14. Trimming sound
    15. Controlling sounds
    16. Repeating and looping sounds
    17. Looping sounds
    18. Introducing the SoundMixer and stopAll( )
    19. More sync menu controls: stop and start
    20. Start sounds
    21. Stop sounds
    22. Sound publishing options
  4. Introducing Movie Clips
    1. About movie clips
    2. Creating movie clips Laying the foundation: Your first movie clip
    3. Previewing movie clip animation from the main Timeline
    4. Creating the landing gear Combining movie clips and main Timeline animation
    5. Nesting movie clips
    6. Adding ActionScript to movie clip Timelines
    7. Controlling movie clip playback
    8. Adding some variation to the propellers
    9. Tweening movie clips
    10. Adding a second tween
    11. Combining movie clips for complex animation
    12. Adding filter effects to movie clips
    13. Using the Filters panel
    14. Creating a filter effect
  5. Working with Video
    1. Video in Flash: formats and fundamentals
    2. Understanding video
    3. Embedded versus linked video
    4. The Flash Video format
    5. Understanding codecs
    6. Understanding the Adobe Media Encoder
    7. Converting video with the Adobe Media Encoder
    8. Working with embedded video
    9. Adding embedded video to the Timeline
    10. Building controls for embedded video
    11. The Bandwidth Profiler
    12. Working with linked video
    13. Adding cue points in the Adobe Media Encoder
    14. Adding linked video to the Timeline
    15. Working with the FLVPlayback component
  6. Delivering Your Final Movie
    1. The publishing process
    2. Publishing to the web
    3. Customizing the Publish settings
    4. CD-ROM delivery
    5. Creating a standalone projector
    6. Make a full-screen projector
    7. Using Export Movie
    8. An overview of FTP
    9. Using Adobe Device Central in Flash

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