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  • Adobe Training

    adobeInterSource offers live instructor-led courses on all Adobe technologies, including Acrobat, ActionScript, AfterEffects, Captivate, ColdFusion, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Flex, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign,Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and RoboHelp.

    Please refer to our detailed course outlines below.

  • About Adobe

    Following the acquisition of its former arch-rival Macromedia, Adobe Inc. has assumed a place of unrivalled dominance in the fields of multimedia, graphic and print production. In many of these domains, Adobe products are the technology-defining industry standards. These include:

    • Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Illustrator to create and manipulate documents and images;
    • ColdFusion and Content Server for database management and server requirements;
    • Flash and Flex and for more interactive, dynamic sites and rich internet applications;
    • FrameMaker for authoring documents and creating efficient, reusable templates;
    • Acrobat, for creation of Portable Document Format (PDF), the industry standard for portable content;
    • Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute for Web design;
    • Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for Video editing and visual effects.
    • RoboHelp for providing context-sensitive Help internal to the application;
    • and finally Adobe Captivate for the creation of eLearning software.

    Extensive product descriptions, video demonstrations, and trial downloads are available for each application at the Adobe website.

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  • Course Details Adobe

    Classes are offered at client sites, at our Geneva training center, and via a live web conference. For detailed course outlines and scheduled classes, please see below.

    To book training, navigate to the course you need, then:

    • For scheduled online classes, register from the choices indicated.
    • If you need an alternative date, time or location, or if you want a live classroom course, click on “request an offer for this course,” to complete the form.

Introduction to Adobe Flash CS4 Training

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Course duration

  • 3 Days

Course Outline

In this Adobe Flash CS4 training class, students receive a solid introduction to Flash CS4.

  • Become familiar with the Flash workspace
  • Learn to work with Flash drawing tools
  • Learn to use symbols and the Flash CS4 library
  • Learn to work with advanced tools such as gradients and the Deco tool
  • Learn to create animations in Flash
  • Learn to customize the workflwo in Flash CS4
  • Learn to work with imported files
  • HTML
  1. Flash CS4 Jumpstart
    1. What is Flash?
    2. About Flash Player
    3. Flash file types
    4. Creating a new document
    5. Setting up your new document 2
    6. Saving your Flash document
    7. Opening documents
    8. The Flash workspace
    9. The Stage and work area
    10. The Flash Tools panel
    11. The Property Inspector
    12. Panels and panel groups
    13. The Timeline
    14. Practicing with the Flash tools
    15. The drawing and selection tools in action Using gradient and color tools
    16. Animation in action
    17. Getting help
    18. Support forums
    19. Moving forward
  2. Getting Started with the Drawing Tools
    1. Drawing in Flash
    2. Using the Merge Drawing model
    3. Creating artwork in Merged Drawing mode
    4. Working with Drawing Objects
    5. Putting it all together
    6. Using the Line tool
    7. Using the Pen tool
    8. Using the Add and Delete Anchor Point tools
    9. Using the Combine Objects menu
    10. Using the Primitive tools (Smart Shapes)
    11. Using the Oval Primitive tool
    12. The Rectangle Primitive tool
    13. Adding text to your artwork
    14. Adding filters
    15. Working with colors
    16. Getting set up
    17. Creating gradients
    18. Using opacity with gradient colors
    19. Creating custom colors
    20. Saving a custom color set
    21. Organizing and layering graphics
    22. Working with layers
    23. Arranging, locking, and hiding layers
    24. Creating layer folders
    25. Transforming graphics
    26. The Transform menu and Free Transform tool
    27. The Transform panel
    28. Transforming gradients
  3. Using Symbols and the Library
    1. What are symbols?
    2. A look at the Library panel
    3. Creating symbols
    4. Converting a graphic to a symbol Creating blank symbols
    5. Building artwork with symbol instances
    6. Positioning and snapping in symbol instances
    7. Editing and duplicating symbols
    8. Editing symbols in place
    9. Modifying individual symbol instances
    10. Modifying instance color
    11. Fine-tuning your background
    12. Duplicating symbols
    13. Adding graphics and text to your banner
    14. Swapping symbols
    15. Managing the Library
    16. Organizing symbols with folders
    17. The Move To command
    18. Deleting items from the library
    19. Controlling library views
    20. Wrapping up
  4. Advanced Tools
    1. Working with gradients
    2. Adjusting gradients with the Gradient Transform tool
    3. New Flash CS4 tools for advanced drawing
    4. Spraying symbols Masking
    5. Introducing the Deco tool
    6. Advanced Deco tool techniques
    7. Introduction to IK tools
  5. Creating Basic Animation
    1. Introducing keyframes and the Timeline
    2. Layers
    3. Frames and keyframes
    4. Building animation: Enter the tween
    5. New: Tween layers and automatic keyframing
    6. Tweening multiple objects
    7. Previewing animation with Test Movie
    8. Moving and transforming tween paths
    9. Incorporating color effects and scaling
    10. New: Introducing the Motion Editor
    11. Modifying the animation using the Motion Editor
    12. Tweening rotation
    13. Controlling animation paths
    14. Where did Motion Guide layers go?
    15. What happens to my existing Flash files that use Motion Guide layers?
    16. How do I create a motion guide if I still want to?
    17. Morphing graphics and colors with shape tweens
    18. Shape tween basics
    19. Legacy techniques: Creating classic tweens
    20. Adding color effects and scaling to a classic tween
    21. (Re)creating motion guides for classic tweens
    22. Troubleshooting Motion Guides
    23. Adjusting animation with onion skinning
    24. Looking ahead
  6. Advanced Animation
    1. Copying, pasting, and saving animation
    2. Using Copy and Paste Motion
    3. New: Creating Motion Presets
    4. Applying Advanced Easing Behavior
    5. Animating Masks
    6. Creating Animation with IK Poses
    7. Sequencing Animation
    8. Shifting, Moving, and Extending Tween Spans
    9. New: Rendering and Animating in 3D
    10. The 3D Rotation tool
    11. The 3D Translation tool
    12. Fine-Tuning Tweens with the Motion Editor
    13. Adding shape tweens and shape hints
    14. Creating Shape Hints
  7. Customizing Your Workflow
    1. Customizing workspace layouts
    2. Opening the completed file
    3. Working with panels
    4. Collapsing and storing panels
    5. Managing workspaces
    6. Setting preferences
    7. Keyboard shortcuts
    8. Visual aids for alignment
    9. Rulers and guides
    10. Guide layers
    11. Advanced alignment
    12. Refining your aligned objects
  8. Working with Imported Files
    1. Import formats
    2. Importing still images
    3. Viewing the completed lesson file
    4. Import a bitmap image
    5. Adding text
    6. Swapping out an imported file
    7. Modifying imported artwork
    8. Updating imported files
    9. Importing Photoshop files
    10. Importing a layered Photoshop file
    11. Importing Illustrator artwork
    12. Animating the bat

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