Intermediate Flex 3 Training


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this intermediate Adobe Flex training class, students will build upon their Adobe Flex skills and learn to work with data sets, custom events and components, DataGrids and drag and drop controls.

  1. Using Controls and Repeaters with Datasets
    1. Using Datasets
    2. Displaying the Categories Using a HorizontalList and an itemRenderer
    3. Displaying Grocery Products Based on Category Selection
    4. Coding States to Display Detailed Product Information
    5. Placing Products in the Shopping Cart
  2. Using Custom Events
    1. Understanding the Benefits of Loosely Coupled Architecture
    2. Dispatching Events
    3. Declaring Events for a Component
    4. Identifying the Need for Custom Event Classes
    5. Building and Using the CategoryEvent
    6. Creating and Using the ProductEvent Class
    7. Understanding Event Flow and Event Bubbling
  3. Creating Custom Components with ActionScript 3.0
    1. Introducing Building a Component with ActionScript 3.0
    2. Creating the Structure of the Class
    3. Overriding the createChildren() Method
    4. Sizing and Positioning in Flex 3
    5. Understanding the measure() Method
    6. Overriding the updateDisplayList() Method
  4. Using DataGrids and Item Renderers
    1. Introducing DataGrids and Item Renderers
    2. Adding a Generic DataGrid to ChartPod
    3. Adding HTTPService Calls to Dashboard
    4. Displaying the Shopping Cart with a DataGrid
    5. Using the AdvancedDataGrid
    6. What You Have Learned
  5. Using Drag and Drop
    1. Introducing the Drag and Drop Manager
    2. Dragging and Dropping Between Two DataGrids
    3. Dragging and Dropping Between a DataGrid and a List
    4. Using a Nondrag-Enabled Component in a Drag-and-Drop Operation
    5. Dragging a Grocery Item to the Shopping Cart
    6. What You Have Learned

Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source

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