Introduction to Flex 3 Training


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this Adobe Flex training class, students will learn how to use Adobe Flex to create their first rich internet applications.

  1. Understanding Rich Internet Applications
    1. Understanding the Evolution of Computer Applications
    2. Breaking Away from Page-Based Architecture
    3. Identifying the Advantages of Rich Internet Applications
    4. RIA Technologies
    5. What You Have Learned
  2. Getting Started with Flex 3
    1. Getting Started with Flex 3 Application Development
    2. Creating a Project and an MXML Application
    3. Understanding the Flex Builder 3 Workbench
    4. Running Your Application
    5. Creating a Second Application Page and Working in Design Mode
    6. Getting Ready for the Next Lesson
    7. What You Have Learned
  3. Laying Out the Interface
    1. Learning About Containers
    2. Laying Out the E-Commerce Application Using Design Mode
    3. Working with Constraint-Based Layouts
    4. Working with View States
    5. Laying Out an Application in Source Mode
    6. What You Have Learned
  4. Using Simple Controls
    1. Introducing Simple Controls
    2. Displaying Images
    3. Building a Detail View
    4. Using Data Binding to Link a Data Structure to a Simple Control
    5. Using a Form Layout Container to Lay Out Simple Controls
    6. Adding Radio Buttons and Date Fields to the Dashboard
    7. What You Have Learned
  5. Handling Events and Data Structures
    1. Understanding Event Handling
    2. Building a Data Structure on the creationComplete Event
    3. Using Data from the Event Object
    4. Building a Custom ActionScript Class
    5. Building a Method to Create an Object
    6. Building Shopping Cart Classes
    7. What You Have Learned
  6. Using Remote XML Data with Controls
    1. Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService
    2. Retrieving XML Data via HTTPService
    3. Populating an ArrayCollection with HTTPService Data
    4. Populating a ComboBox Control and Programmatically Adding an Option
    5. Using XML Data with a Tree Control
    6. Retrieving XML Data and Transforming It into an ArrayCollection of Custom Objects
    7. Using Data Binding with Complex Data Structures
    8. Manipulating Shopping Cart Data
    9. Adding a Remove Button
    10. What You Have Learned
  7. Creating Components with MXML
    1. Introducing MXML Components
    2. Creating an Update/Delete Product Component and Instantiating It
    3. Popping Up Product Information When Clicking the Update and Delete Buttons
    4. Creating Another Value Object
    5. Creating a Data Manager Component for All Three Applications
    6. Using the New Data Manager Component
    7. Implementing Add Product Functionality
    8. Creating and Using a Component for the Dashboard Application
    9. What You Have Learned

Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source

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