Introduction to Contribute CS4 Training


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this Adobe Contribute CS4 training class, students learn to use Contribute CS4 to create and manage websites.

  1. Introduction to Contribute CS4
    1. What is Contribute CS4?
    2. The Contribute CS4 Workflow
    3. The Contribute CS4 Toolbars
    4. The Contribute CS4 Sidebar
    5. Connecting to a Site
    6. Switching between Browsing and Editing
  2. Building Web Pages
    1. Browsing Sites
    2. Selecting a Web Page to Edit
    3. Creating Pages
      1. Creating a Blank Page
      2. Creating a Page Based on a Template
      3. Creating a Copy of a Page
    4. Setting Page Properties
    5. Adding Keywords and a Description
    6. Discarding a Draft or New Page
    7. Previewing a Page
    8. Publishing Pages
      1. Publishing a new page
      2. Publishing an existing page as a new page
      3. Publishing updates to an existing page
    9. The Rollback Feature
    10. Printing a Page
    11. Exporting a Page
    12. Deleting a Page
    13. Building Web Pages
  3. Editing Page Content
    1. Working with Text
      1. Adding Text
      2. Changing Text Style
      3. Changing Text Font and Size
      4. Changing Text Color
      5. Adding Paragraph Spacing
      6. Aligning Text
      7. Indenting Text
    2. Creating and Managing Styles
      1. Applying Styles
      2. Creating Styles
    3. Working with HTML Snippets
    4. Working with Lists
      1. Creating Numbered Lists
      2. Creating Bulleted Lists
      3. Creating Definition Lists
    5. Adding the Current Date
    6. Adding a Horizontal Rule
    7. Adding Special Characters
    8. Finding and Replacing Text
    9. Checking Spelling
    10. Editing Page Content
  4. Working with Images
    1. Working with Images
      1. Adding Images
      2. Dragging Images
      3. Copying and Pasting Images
    2. Editing Images
      1. Resizing an Image
      2. Rotating an Image
      3. Cropping an Image
      4. Sharpening an Image
      5. Adjusting Image Brightness and Contrast
      6. Moving an Image
      7. Aligning an Image
      8. Changing Image Properties
    3. Working with Images
  5. Working with Links
    1. About Linking
    2. Creating Links
    3. Setting a Target for a Link
    4. Section Anchors
      1. Adding a Section Anchor
      2. Linking to a Section Anchor
    5. Editing the URL for a Link
    6. Removing a Link
    7. Working with Links
  6. Creating Tables
    1. Working with Tables
    2. Creating a Table
    3. Selecting Table Elements
      1. Select an Entire Table
      2. Select Rows or Columns
      3. Select a Single Cell
      4. Select a Line or Rectangular Block of Cells
      5. Select Nonadjacent Cells
    4. Resizing Tables, Rows, and Columns
    5. Aligning Tables
    6. Adding Rows and Columns
    7. Adding Multiple Rows or Columns
    8. Deleting Rows and Columns
    9. Merging and Splitting Cells
      1. Merging Cells
      2. Splitting Cells
    10. Modifying Table Properties
    11. Modifying Row and Column Properties
    12. Modifying Cell Properties
    13. Sorting Tabular Data
    14. Creating Tables
  7. Working with External Documents
    1. Using External Documents
      1. Adding Word or Excel to a Page
      2. Inserting a Link to a Word or Excel Document
      3. Converting Documents to PDF and Inserting as a Link
      4. Converting Documents to PDF and Inserting as an Embedded Object
    2. Working with External Documents

Adobe Contribute CS4 User Guide

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