Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker Training


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this Adobe FrameMaker training class, students will learn to create, manage, and format documents and create books using FrameMaker.

  1. Introduction
    1. Setting up Your Work Area
    2. FrameMaker's Work Area
    3. Getting Familiar with the Work Area
    4. Panels and Pods
    5. Setting Your Interface Preferences
    6. Create a New Paragraph Tag
    7. A Quick Look at Templates
    8. Opening a Document Based on a FrameMaker Template
  2. Master Pages and Text Flows
    1. Create a New Document
    2. Create a Custom Master Page
    3. Create Headers and Footers
    4. Applying Master Pages to Body Pages
    5. Text Frames
  3. Character and Paragraph Tags
    1. Character Tags
    2. Paragraph Tags
    3. Paragraph Designer
    4. Creating Paragraph Tags
    5. Tips for Working with Character and Paragraph Tags
  4. Tables
    1. Insert a Table in Your Document
    2. The Table Designer
    3. Creating a New Table Tag
    4. Tips for Working with Tables
  5. Drawing Graphics
    1. FrameMaker's Drawing Tools
    2. Selection Tools
    3. Drawing Tools
    4. Drawing Properties Tools
    5. Grids
    6. Drawing Shapes
    7. Using the Tools
  6. Imported Graphics
    1. Anchored Frames
    2. Copying or Importing by Reference
    3. Importing a Graphic
    4. Importing SVG Files
    5. Working with Your Graphics
    6. Putting Graphics on Reference Pages
    7. Placing Graphics on Master Pages
  7. System and User Variables
    1. Understanding Variables
    2. The Variables Pod
    3. System Variables and Their Building Blocks
    4. Working with Variables
    5. User Variables
    6. Creating Dictionary Style Headings
  8. Cross-references
    1. How Cross-references Work
    2. The Cross-reference Panel
    3. Cross-reference Formats
    4. Creating a Cross-reference Format
    5. Creating Spot Cross-references
    6. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Cross-references
    7. Creating a List of References
  9. Books
    1. Building Books
    2. Adding Page Numbers to Your Book
    3. Advanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Books
    4. Book Error Log
  10. Tables of Content
    1. Preparing Your Documents
    2. Defining What Will Be Included
    3. Generating Your Table of Contents
    4. Formatting Your Table of Contents
    5. Modifying the TOC Reference Page
    6. Adding More to Your Book's Table of Contents
    7. Adding Page Numbers
    8. Other Types of Generated List
    9. Using Your TOC Template in Other Documents
  11. Indexes
    1. What to Index
    2. FrameMaker's Index Markers
    3. Generate Your Index
    4. Formatting Your Index
    5. Editing Your Index
  12. Publishing
    1. Printing Your FrameMaker Documents
    2. Creating PDF Files
    3. Publishing XHTML

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