About Adobe


Following the acquisition of its former arch-rival Macromedia, Adobe Inc. has assumed a place of unrivalled dominance in the fields of multimedia, graphic and print production. In many of these domains, Adobe products are the technology-defining industry standards. These include:

  • Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Illustrator to create and manipulate documents and images;
  • ColdFusion and Content Server for database management and server requirements;
  • Flash and Flex and for more interactive, dynamic sites and rich internet applications;
  • FrameMaker for authoring documents and creating efficient, reusable templates;
  • Acrobat, for creation of Portable Document Format (PDF), the industry standard for portable content;
  • Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute for Web design;
  • Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for Video editing and visual effects.
  • RoboHelp for providing context-sensitive Help internal to the application;
  • and finally Adobe Captivate for the creation of eLearning software.

Extensive product descriptions, video demonstrations, and trial downloads are available for each application at the Adobe website.

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