Developing Spatial Data Solutions With Microsoft SQL Server 2008


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Course duration

Course Outline

This five-day instructor-led SQL Server 2008 training class provides students with the knowledge and skills to create database solutions that use spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The course introduces developers to spatial data concepts and the geography and geometry spatial data types in SQL Server 2008 and how to use these data types to store geographic and location-based data and to perform spatial operations and queries.

  1. Introduction to Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008
    1. Spatial Data Overview
    2. SQL Server Spatial Data Types
    3. Storing and Querying Spatial Objects
    4. Lab : Using Spatial Data Types
      1. Working with Points
      2. Working with Lines
      3. Working with Polygons
  2. Spatial Data Operations
    1. Overview of Spatial Data Operations
    2. Querying Properties of Spatial Instances
    3. Manipulating Spatial Data Instances
    4. Finding Relationships Between Spatial Instances
    5. Lab : Performing Operations on Spatial Data
      1. Querying Spatial Data Properties
      2. Manipulating Spatial Data Instances
      3. Finding Relationships Between Spatial Data Instances
  3. Spatial Data Indexes
    1. Overview of Spatial Indexing in SQL Server 2008
    2. Working with Spatial Indexes
    3. Lab : Working with Spatial Indexes
      1. Creating a Default Spatial Index
      2. Using Custom Tessellation Parameters
  4. Spatial Data and Bing Maps
    1. Introduction to Microsoft Bing Maps
    2. Visualizing Spatial Data on a Web Page
    3. Lab : Integrating Spatial Data with Bing Maps
      1. Creating a GeoRSS Feed Handler
      2. Programming the Map Control

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