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This CompTIA Network+ training class builds on your existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer operating systems and networks to present fundamental skills and concepts that you will use on the job in any type of networking career. If you are pursuing a CompTIA technical certification path, the CompTIA A+ certification is an excellent first step to take before preparing for the CompTIA Network+ certification.

  1. Network Theory
    1. Networking Terminology
    2. Network Categories
    3. iStandard Network Models
    4. Physical Network Topologies
    5. Logical Network Topologies
  2. Network Communications Methods
    1. Data Transmission Methods
    2. Media Access Methods
    3. Signaling Methods
  3. Network Media and Hardware
    1. Bounded Network Media
    2. Unbounded Network Media
    3. Noise Control
    4. Network Connectivity Devices
  4. Network Implementations
    1. Ethernet Networks
    2. Wireless Networks
  5. Networking Models
    1. The OSI Model
    2. The TCP/IP Model
  6. TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery
    1. The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
    2. IP Addressing
    3. Default IP Addressing Schemes
    4. Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
    5. Implement IPv6 Addresses
    6. Delivery Techniques
  7. TCP/IP Services
    1. Assign IP Addresses
    2. Domain Naming Services
    3. TCP/IP Commands
    4. Common TCP/IP Protocols
    5. TCP/IP Interoperability Services
  8. LAN Infrastructure
    1. Switching
    2. Enable Static Routing
    3. Implement Dynamic IP Routing
    4. Virtual LANs
    5. Plan a SOHO Network
  9. WAN Infrastructure
    1. WAN Transmission Technologies
    2. WAN Connectivity Methods
    3. Voice over Data Transmission
  10. Remote Networking
    1. Remote Network Architectures
    2. Remote Access Networking Implementations
    3. Virtual Private Networking
    4. VPN Protocols
  11. System Security
    1. Computer Security Basics
    2. System Security Tools
    3. Authentication Methods
    4. Encryption Methods
  12. Network Security
    1. Network Perimeter Security
    2. Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    3. Protect Network Traffic Using IPSec
  13. Network Security Threats and Attacks
    1. Network-Based Security Threats and Attacks
    2. Apply Threat Mitigation Techniques
    3. Educate Users
  14. Network Management
    1. Network Monitoring
    2. Configuration Management Documentation
    3. Network Performance Optimization
  15. Network Troubleshooting
    1. Network Troubleshooting Models
    2. Network Troubleshooting Utilities
    3. Hardware Troubleshooting Tools
    4. Common Connectivity Issues

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