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Course Outline

This course develops skills in using the Object/Relational Mapping tool Hibernate®. By the end of the course, students will be prepared to set-up and use Hibernate as the persistence mechanism in Java applications.

The course targets Hibernate 3.2. For training in more recent versions, and especially to learn about Hibernate as a provider under the newer Java Persistence API standard, consider Course 161-HB, JPA with Hibernate.

  1. Introduction to Hibernate
    1. The Object/Relational Mapping Problem
    2. JDBC
    3. The Hibernate Alternative
    4. Hibernate Architecture and API
  2. Configuring Hibernate
    1. The Hibernate Distribution
    2. Required Libraries
    3. Configuration Files
    4. hibernate.properties
    5. hibernate.cfg.xml
    6. Programmatic Configuration
  3. Hibernate Persistence
    1. The SessionFactory Interface
    2. Object States
    3. The Session Interface
    4. Transactions
    5. Session Duration
    6. The Data Access Object Pattern
  4. Object/Relational Mapping
    1. O/R Mapping Issues
    2. The Mapping Vocabulary
    3. Primary Keys and Identity
    4. ID Generators
    5. Mapping Associations
    6. Unidirectional and Bidirectional Associations
    7. Managing Cardinality
    8. Strategies for Mapping Inheritance
  5. The Criteria Query API
    1. Criteria Queries
    2. The Criteria Interface
    3. Using Restrictions
    4. Windowing Results
    5. Sorting
    6. Traversing Associations
    7. Projections and Aggregates
    8. Grouping
    9. Query By Example (QBE)
  6. Hibernate Query Language
    1. Building HQL Queries
    2. The Select Clause
    3. The Where Clause
    4. Named and Entity Parameters
    5. Associations and Aggregates
    6. Bulk Updates and Deletes
    7. Named Queries
    8. Using Native SQL

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