Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010


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Course Outline

This Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010 training class starts by covering basic database concepts. Students will then learn to design and create databases and tables, query those tables, and create forms and reports.

  1. Introduction to Databases
    1. Database Layout
    2. Launching Access
    3. The Access Tab System
    4. Dialog Boxes
    5. Getting Help
    6. Creating a New Database
    7. Creating Databases Using Access Templates
    8. Opening a Database
  2. Tables
    1. Database Design
    2. Creating Tables in the Table View
    3. Data Entry
    4. Creating Tables in the Design View
    5. Data Types
    6. Setting a Single-Field Primary Key
    7. Field Properties
    8. Data Display Format vs. Input Mask
    9. The Input Mask
    10. Data Entry Problems
    11. Entering and Editing Data
    12. Selecting Records
    13. Deleting Records
    14. Moving and Copying Records
    15. Pasting Records
  3. Working with Tables
    1. Sorting Fields in Tables
    2. Deleting a Table
    3. Table Layout Changes
    4. Temporary Changes
    5. Freezing and Unfreezing Columns
    6. Modifying Table Structure (Fields)
    7. Find
    8. Replace
    9. Wildcards
    10. Modifying Table Data
  4. Queries
    1. Data Queries
    2. The Simple Query Wizard
    3. The Design View
    4. Modifying the Query
    5. Using Basic Criteria
    6. Additional Criteria
    7. Parameters
    8. Multiple Object Queries
    9. Custom Calculations in a Query
    10. Grouping Fields
  5. Action Queries
    1. Types of Query
    2. The Crosstab Query
    3. The Make Table Query
    4. The Delete Query
    5. The Update Query
  6. Forms
    1. Forms
    2. Manipulating Data in the Form
    3. Creating a New Form
    4. Using the Form Wizard
    5. Creating a Form With a Subform
    6. Modifying and Redesigning the Form
    7. Modifying and Redesigning the Report
  7. Introduction to Reports
    1. The Report Wizard
    2. Creating a Report with Summary Totals
    3. Using the Label Wizard
    4. Modifying and Redesigning the Report
  8. Appendix A: Additional Features in Access 2010

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