Advanced Microsoft Access 2013


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Course duration

Course Outline

This Advanced Access 2013 training class targets people who intend to design databases at an advanced level and/or improve existing Access databases.

  1. Relationships
    1. Review
    2. Referential Integrity
    3. Relationships
      1. Data Types and Relationships
      2. Formalize the Relationship Between Tables
    4. A Few Words about Naming Conventions
  2. Queries
    1. Query Design View
    2. Review of Select Queries
    3. Review of Select Queries with Criteria
    4. Logical Operators
    5. Parameter Queries
    6. Action Queries
      1. Make Table Queries
      2. Append Queries
      3. Update Queries
      4. Delete Queries
  3. Table Functions
    1. Importing Data
  4. Forms
    1. Design View
      1. Form Sections
      2. Adding a Header and Footer
      3. Adding a Logo to the Header
      4. Adding a Title to the Header
      5. Adding Fields to a Form
      6. Arranging Fields on a Form
      7. Spacing Objects on a Form
    2. Formatting
    3. Tab Order
      1. Setting Properties on a Form
      2. Controls
  5. Reports
    1. Design View
      1. Report Sections
      2. Adding a Report Header/Footer
      3. Adding a Logo to the Report Header
      4. Adding a Title to the Report Header
      5. Adding Fields to a Report
      6. Arranging Fields on a Report
      7. Resizing the Detail Section
      8. Eliminating Repeating Headings
      9. Grouping and Sorting
      10. Setting Properties on a Report
      11. Adding Record Counts
      12. Special Report Fields
      13. Controls
      14. Printing a Report
  6. Macros
    1. Macro Basics
      1. Open a Table, Form, and Report
      2. Run a Query
      3. Print a Report
    2. Running a Macro
  7. Completing the Desktop Application
    1. The Navigation Form
    2. Running Macros from a Navigation Form
    3. Setting the Navigation Form as the Default Form
    4. Splitting the Database
    5. Distributing the Front-end Database

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