Intermediate Microsoft Word 2003 Training


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If you use Microsoft Office Word 2003 on a regular basis, then once you have mastered the basic skills, the next step is to improve your proficiency. To do so, you can customize and automate the way Microsoft Word 2003 works for you, and you can improve the quality of your work by enhancing your documents with customized Microsoft Word 2003 elements. In this Word 2003 training class, you will increase the complexity of your Microsoft Word 2003 documents by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. You will also create personalized Microsoft Word 2003 efficiency tools.

  1. Managing Lists
    1. Sort a List
    2. Restart a List
    3. Create an Outline Numbered List
    4. Customize List Appearance
  2. Customizing Tables and Charts
    1. Sort a Table
    2. Modify Table Structure
    3. Merge or Split Cells
    4. Position Text in a Table Cell
    5. Apply Borders and Shading
    6. Perform Calculations in a Table
    7. Create a Chart from a Word Table
    8. Modify a Chart
  3. Customizing Formatting
    1. Modify Character Spacing
    2. Add Text Effects
    3. Control Paragraph Flow
  4. Working with Custom Styles
    1. Create a Character or Paragraph Style
    2. Modify an Existing Style
    3. Create a List Style
    4. Create a Table Style
  5. Modifying Pictures
    1. Set Picture Contrast or Brightness
    2. Crop a Picture
    3. Wrap Text Around a Picture
  6. Creating Customized Graphic Elements
    1. Draw Shapes and Lines
    2. Insert WordArt
    3. Insert Text Boxes
    4. Create Diagrams
  7. Controlling Text Flow
    1. Insert Section Breaks
    2. Insert Columns
    3. Link Text Boxes
  8. Automating Common Tasks
    1. Run a Macro
    2. Create a Macro
    3. Modify a Macro
    4. Customize Toolbars and Buttons
    5. Add Menu Items
  9. Automating Document Creation
    1. Create a Document Based on a Template
    2. Create a Document by Using a Wizard
    3. Create or Modify a Template
    4. Change the Default Template Location
    5. Insert a MacroButton Field in a Template
  10. Performing Mail Merges
    1. The Mail Merge Process
    2. Perform a Merge on Existing Documents
    3. Merge Envelopes and Labels
    4. Use Word to Create a Data Source

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