Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003 Training


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Course Outline

This Microsoft Word 2003 training class is the first in a series of three Microsoft one-day Word 2003 classes. It will provide you with the basic concepts required to produce basic business documents.

  1. Creating a Basic Document
    1. The Word Environment
    2. Get Help Using Word
    3. Enter Text
    4. Save a New Document
    5. Preview a Document
    6. Print a Document
  2. Editing a Document
    1. Navigate in a Document
    2. Insert Text
    3. Select Text
    4. Create an AutoText Entry
    5. Move and Copy Text
    6. Delete Blocks of Text
    7. Undo Changes
    8. Find and Replace Text
  3. Formatting Text
    1. Change Font and Size
    2. Apply Font Styles and Effects
    3. Change Text Color
    4. Highlight Text
    5. Copy Formats
    6. Clear Formatting
    7. Find and Replace Text Formatting
  4. Formatting Paragraphs
    1. Set Tabs
    2. Change Paragraph Alignment
    3. Indent Paragraphs
    4. Add Borders and Shading
    5. Apply Styles
    6. Create Lists
    7. Change Spacing Between Paragraphs and Lines
  5. Proofing a Document
    1. Use the Thesaurus
    2. Check Spelling and Grammar
    3. Create a New Default Dictionary
    4. Check Word Count
    5. Modify a Document in Print Preview
  6. Adding Tables
    1. Create a Table
    2. Enter Data in a Table
    3. AutoFormat a Table
    4. Convert Text into a Table
  7. Inserting Graphic Elements
    1. Insert Symbols and Special Characters
    2. Insert a Clip Art Picture
    3. Add a Watermark
  8. Controlling Page Appearance
    1. Set Page Orientation
    2. Change Page Margins
    3. Apply a Page Border
    4. Add Headers and Footers
    5. Insert a Page Break

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