MOC 10175 - SharePoint 2010 Training: Application Development


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Course duration

Course Outline

This SharePoint 2010 training class provides experienced .NET developers with practical information and labs that enables them to build solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform. The class is intended for professional developers who use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in a team-based, medium-sized to large development environment.

  1. Introduction to the SharePoint 2010 Development Platform
    1. SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform
    2. SharePoint 2010 Object Hierarchy
    3. Working with SharePoint 2010 Objects
    4. Lab: Developing with the SharePoint 2010 Object Hierarchy
  2. Using SharePoint 2010 Developer Tools
    1. Developing SharePoint Sites by Using SharePoint Designer 2010
    2. Developing SharePoint Solutions by Using Visual Studio 2010
    3. Packaging and Deploying SharePoint 2010 Solutions
    4. Lab: Using SharePoint 2010 Developer Tools
  3. Developing SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
    1. Developing Standard Web Parts
    2. Developing Connected Web Parts
    3. Developing Visual Web Parts
    4. Lab: Creating SharePoint 2010 Web Parts by Using Visual Studio 2010
  4. Working with SharePoint Objects on the Server
    1. Working with SharePoint Sites Programmatically
    2. Working with SharePoint Lists Programmatically
    3. Working with List Data Programmatically
    4. Lab: Creating and Manipulating Server-Side Objects
  5. Creating Event Receivers and Application Settings
    1. Creating Event Receivers
    2. Working with Web.Config Programmatically
    3. Lab: Creating Event Receivers and Web.Config Modifications
  6. Developing Solutions by Using Business Connectivity Services
    1. Business Connectivity Services Overview
    2. Developing External Content Types and Lists by Using SharePoint Designer
    3. Developing Business Connectivity Services Solutions by Using Visual Studio 2010
    4. Lab: Building Business Connectivity Services Solutions
  7. Developing SharePoint 2010 Workflows
    1. Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer
    2. Creating Workflows with Visual Studio 2010
    3. Lab: Creating Workflows for SharePoint 2010
  8. Working with Client-Based APIs for SharePoint 2010
    1. Overview of the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model
    2. Working with the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model in .NET Applications
    3. Lab: Developing .NET Applications by Using the SharePoint Client Object Model
  9. Developing Interactive User Interfaces
    1. Creating Menu Items and Ribbon Controls
    2. Creating Client-Side Dialogs
    3. Lab: Developing User Interface Components for SharePoint 2010 Solutions
  10. Developing Silverlight Applications for SharePoint
    1. Creating Silverlight Applications for SharePoint 2010
    2. Deploying and Debugging Silverlight Applications for SharePoint 2010
    3. Lab: Developing Silverlight Applications by using the SharePoint Client Object Model
  11. Developing Sandboxed Solutions
    1. Sandboxing and User Solutions
    2. Restrictions for Sandboxed Solutions
    3. Lab: Creating Sandboxed Solutions for SharePoint 2010
  12. Working with SharePoint Server Profiles and Taxonomy APIs
    1. User Profiles
    2. Taxonomies
    3. Lab: Working with User Profiles and Taxonomies Programmatically
  13. Developing Content Management Solutions
    1. Developing Enterprise Content Management Solutions
    2. Developing Web Content Management Solutions
    3. Lab: Branding SharePoint Sites

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