MOC 10805 - Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Search for Application Developers


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Course duration

Course Outline

In this Microsoft SharePoint training, students will learn how to develop enterprise search applications for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Topics include: processing data content, configuring Federation, search scopes, managed metadata, linguistics, federated object model applications, custom search applications, extending connectors using SharePoint Designer, and custom connectors using Business Connectivity Services.

This course is intended for application developers and advanced system administrators working in the Enterprise Search area to extend SharePoint Server 2010.

  1. Processing Data Sources
    1. Lesson 1: Search Architecture
    2. Lesson 2: SharePoint Management Shell
    3. Lesson 3: Crawling Content
    4. Lab: Crawling Content
      1. Exercise 1: Test Drive Windows PowerShell
      2. Exercise 2: Crawl SharePoint Sites and File Shares
  2. Configuring Search Sites
    1. Lesson 1: Keyword Syntax
    2. Lesson 2: Introducing the Search Site
    3. Lesson 3: Search Web Parts
    4. Lab: Configuring a Basic Search Site
      1. Exercise 1: Building a Basic Search Site
  3. Configuring Federation
    1. Lesson 1: Federated Search Basics
    2. Lesson 2: Creating New Federated Locations
    3. Lesson 3: Adding Metadata to a Federated Location
    4. Lesson 4: Security Options
    5. Lab: Configuring Federated Web Parts
      1. Exercise 1: Configuring Federated Web Parts
  4. Scopes and Managed Metadata
    1. Lesson 1: SharePoint Search Scopes
    2. Lesson 2: Managed Metadata
    3. Lab: Scopes and Managed Metadata
      1. Exercise 1: SharePoint Scopes
      2. Exercise 2: Managed Metadata
  5. SharePoint Linguistics
    1. Lesson 1: Noise Words, Thesaurus, and Custom Dictionaries
    2. Lesson 2: Query Suggestions, Nicknames, and Stemming
    3. Lab: SharePoint Linguistics
      1. Exercise 1: Work with content in multiple languages
      2. Exercise 2: Noise Words
      3. Exercise 3: Configure a Thesaurus
      4. Exercise 4: Custom Dictionary
      5. Exercise 5: Add a query suggestion
  6. Federated Object Model
    1. Lesson 1: Overview
    2. Lesson 2: Scenario Walk Through
    3. Lab: Federated Search
      1. Exercise 1: Federated Object Model
  7. Creating Custom Search Applications
    1. Lesson 1: Query Setup
    2. Lesson 2: Query Submission
    3. Lab: Create a Search Client
      1. Exercise 1: Creating a Query Web Services Application
  8. Extending Connectors
    1. Lesson 1: Creating External Content Types
    2. Lesson 2: Configuring Associations
    3. Lesson 3: Configuring Incremental Crawls
    4. Lesson 4: Exporting and Importing
    5. Lab: Creating an External Content Type
      1. Exercise 1: Creating an External Content Type
  9. Creating Custom Connectors
    1. Lesson 1: Key Concepts
    2. Lesson 2: Creating a .NET Assembly Connector
    3. Lab: .NET Connectors
      1. Exercise 1: Create a .NET Connector

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