MOC 2433 - Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Microsoft Windows Script Host Essentials


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Course duration

Course Outline

This VBScript training class provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage Windows networks by using the Windows Script Host (WSH) and the Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) language. During the class, students will work on real-world scripts that they can use to manage computers running Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. This class also provides an overview of other technologies where students can use script, such as Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

  1. Overview of Windows Scripting Technologies
    1. Windows Scripting Technologies
    2. Introducing WSH
    3. Running Scripts
    4. Working with Scripts
    5. Lab: Configuring and Using WSH
  2. Objects in VBScript and WSH
    1. Object Terminology
    2. Creating and Manipulating Objects
    3. Object Models
    4. Common Object Models
    5. Lab: Objects in VBScript and WSH
  3. Script Logic
    1. Fundamental VBScript Rules
    2. Variables, Constants, and Data Types
    3. Operators
    4. Conditions and Loops
    5. Procedures
    6. Script Layout
    7. Lab: Script Logic
  4. Error Handling and Debugging
    1. Error Handling
    2. Debugging
    3. Lab: Error Handling and Debugging
  5. ADSI
    1. Overview of ADSI
    2. Binding with ADSI
    3. ADSI Objects
    4. Searching Active Directory
    5. Creating New ADSI Objects
    6. Managing Security, Shares, and Services by Using ADSI
    7. Lab: ADO Search
    8. Lab: Scripting Administrative Tasks by Using ADSI
    9. Retrieving Properties by Using ADSI
    10. Creating OUs, Users, and Groups by Using ADSI
  6. Creating Logon Scripts
    1. Verifying the WSH Environment
    2. Common Logon Script Tasks
    3. Managing Logon Scripts
    4. Troubleshooting and Best Practices
    5. Lab: Creating Logon Scripts
    6. Lab: Assigning Logon Scripts
    7. Configuring Scripts by Using Group Policy
  7. Administrative Scripts
    1. Administrative Scripts
    2. Producing Event Logs and E-Mail Messages
    3. Managing the Registry
    4. Controlling Drives, Folders, and Files
    5. Lab: Administrative Scripts
    6. Lab: File and E-mail Scripts
    7. Documenting Your Computer Drives and Folders
    8. Sending a Message and Attachment
  8. WMI
    1. WMI Overview
    2. WMI Scripting Basics
    3. Common Issues in WMI Scripts
    4. Scripting Common Administrative Tasks by Using WMI
    5. Lab: Writing WMI Scripts

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