Essential F# Programming


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F# is a functional programming language and hence adopts a style which bows to both procedural and object-oriented methods. It derives from the need to express things almost mathematically, but using algorithms and formulas implemented in programming language syntax.

This training course is designed for experienced programmers that need to start developing F# applications.

  1. F# Program Quick start
    1. Describe the basic components of a F# application
    2. Describe the process used by both the F# interpretor and the F# compiler
    3. Write a simple F# program
  2. Simple Datatypes and Operators
    1. Use and define primitive datatypes
    2. Use and define identifiers
    3. Use operators and operator precedence
    4. Use conversions and scope
    5. List some of the non-primitive types
  3. Control Flow
    1. Use boolean operators and conditional selection
    2. Use iteration and looping constructs
  4. Aggregate Data
    1. Describe the concept of arrays, lists, tuples and sequences
    2. Perform simple manipulation on aggregate data
    3. Make an educational choice between aggregate types
  5. Functions
    1. Implement and invoke functions
    2. Describe function type-constraints and data passing mechanisms
    3. Describe specialised usage of functions
  6. Object Models
    1. Model real-world problems
    2. Define classification and functionality
  7. Classes
    1. Use object-orientation and encapsulation
    2. Define and use objects
    3. Defining and calling member functions
    4. Define object construction

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