InfoPath 2007 Training


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Course Outline

In this Microsoft InfoPath 2007 training class, you will learn how to use InfoPath to gather and share information by creating and implementing XML-based forms.

  1. Creating InfoPath Forms
    1. Explore the User Interface
    2. Draft a Form
    3. Add a Data Validation Rule
    4. Test a Form
  2. Importing and Exporting Form Data
    1. Import Forms into InfoPath
    2. Export Form Data to Excel
    3. Export Form Data to the Web
  3. Customizing Form Layout
    1. Format a Form
    2. Customize Tables
    3. Insert Graphic Objects
    4. Create Optional and Repeating Sections
    5. Merge Forms
  4. Managing Views
    1. Create Custom Views
    2. Modify a View
    3. Create a Print Version for a View
    4. Assign User Roles to a View
  5. Applying Security to Forms
    1. Protect InfoPath Forms
    2. Restrict Access to a Form
    3. Set Security Zones
  6. Distributing Forms
    1. Publish a Form Template
    2. Publish a Form to Email Recipients
    3. Troubleshoot Publishing Problems
  7. Managing Controls
    1. Data Source Concepts
    2. Customize Controls
    3. Bind Controls
  8. Working with a Database
    1. Develop a Form from a Database
    2. Use InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
    3. Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
    4. Populate Controls Using a Database

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