Introduction to .NET for DBAs Using Visual Studio 2008


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Course Outline

This .NET training class will give the working DBA sufficient skills with .NET so that they can use it effectively in all the areas supported by SQL Server. The course starts with learning Visual Basic language concepts, including Data Types, Variables, and Classes and Objects while building simple console applications. Then it moves on to handling exceptions by using try/catch blocks and other programming tools - ADO.NET will be used for connecting to data sources and related topics. You'll then learn to work with SQL 2008's features like SQL Server Management (SSMS), Object Explorer, Query Editor plus others and then the development feature SQL CLR (Common Language Runtime). Finally, there is an overview of SQL Business Intelligence for 2008.

  1. Introduction
    1. Installing the Practice Files for ADO.NET Using VB 2008
    2. Installing the Practice Files for SQL 2008 Developers
    3. Installing the Practice Files for SQL 2008: Installing, Querying, and Security
  2. Getting Started with .NET
    1. Thinking about .NET
    2. Using Visual Studio 2008
    3. Debugging and Handling Exceptions
  3. Data Types and Variables
    1. Introducing Variables and Data Types
    2. Working with Variables and Data Types
  4. Classes and Objects
    1. Introducing Objects and Classes
    2. Creating Your Own Classes
    3. Working with Classes
  5. Handling Exceptions
    1. Perspectives on Exception Handling
    2. Getting Started with Exception Handling
    3. Catching Specific Exceptions
    4. Raising Errors
    5. Running Code Unconditionally
    6. Creating Exception Classes
  6. Accessing Data with ADO.NET
    1. The ADO.NET Object Model
    2. Connecting to Data
    3. Understanding Connection Pooling
    4. Using Provider Statistics
  7. Advanced SQLCLR Code Techniques
    1. Advanced SQLCLR Code Modules
    2. Managing Code Modules
  8. Working with SQL Server Management Studio
    1. Getting Started with Management Studio
    2. Exploring the Object Explorer
    3. Working with the Query Editor
    4. Using the SQL Server Books Online
  9. Business Intelligence Services
    1. Introduction to Business Intelligence Services
    2. Using Integration Services
    3. Using Analysis Services
    4. Using Reporting Services

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