MOC 55065 - Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals


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This course is designed for IT professionals looking to understand the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure components, including virtual machines, virtual networks, migrating, extending, running, managing and monitoring common workloads in the cloud. The course will guide student through the process of managing virtual machines, web sites, and cloud services in Microsoft Azure.

This course is intended for IT professionals looking to evaluate or deploy Microsoft Azure.

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    1. What is cloud computing
    2. Overview of Microsoft cloud computing
    3. Azure Overview and Services
    4. Lab: Planning for Cloud Computing
    5. Planning for Cloud computing
    6. Sign up for Microsoft Azure
    7. Explore the Management Console
  2. Azure Services
    1. Data Services
    2. Network Services
    3. Compute Services
    4. App Services
    5. Lab: Planning for Microsoft Azure
  3. Azure Data Services
    1. Storage
    2. Azure Cache
    3. Azure Marketplace and Tools
    4. Lab: Configuring Azure Data Services
    5. Create an Affinity Group and Storage Account
    6. Configure Azure PowerShell
    7. Create and Manage Storage in Microsoft Azure
    8. Create an Azure SQL Database
  4. Azure Network Services
    1. Azure Virtual Networks
    2. Configuration of Virtual Networks
    3. Traffic Manager
    4. Lab: Create and Configure Virtual Networks
    5. Create a virtual network that connects to your company's networks
    6. Create a virtual network from a configuration file
    7. Lab: Configure Traffic Manager
    8. Create a Traffic Manager Profile
  5. Azure Compute Services
    1. Web Sites
    2. Virtual Machines
    3. Cloud Services
    4. Lab: Create a Web Site in Microsoft Azure
    5. Create a Azure Web Site
    6. Create a web site using a WebMatrix Template
    7. Create a web site from the Gallery
    8. Lab: Create and Manage Azure Virtual Machines
    9. Create a Virtual Machine using the Management Portal and Windows PowerShell
    10. Configure Load Balancing between two Web Servers
    11. Create a Customized Image for the Image Library
    12. Lab: Create and Manage Azure Cloud Services
    13. Create a Cloud Service using Quick Create
    14. Create a Cloud Service using Custom Create
  6. Azure Active Directory
    1. Introduction to Azure Active Directory
    2. Administering Azure Active Directory
    3. Managing Azure Active Directory
    4. Lab: Managing Azure Active Directory
    5. Create a New Azure Active Directory Tenant
    6. Deploy Active Directory using the GUI
  7. Azure Data Management
    1. HDInsight Service
    2. Recovery Services
    3. Lab: Introduction to Azure HDInsight
    4. Creating an HDInsight Cluster
    5. Use Windows PowerShell to run HDInsight Samples
    6. Lab: Configure Azure Backup
    7. Configure Azure Backup to back-up a Windows Server
    8. Schedule Backups and Recovery Files using the Azure Backup Agent
  8. Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server
    1. Deploying Windows Azure Pack
    2. Provision and Configure Services
    3. Administer Windows Azure Pack
    4. Lab: Install Windows Azure Pack Express
    5. Install Windows Azure Pack Portal and API Express
    6. Create a Hosting Plan
    7. Configure Service Bus for Windows Server

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