MOC 80012 - Development II in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


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Course duration

Course Outline

This Dynamics AX training class introduces students to development in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 using X++. This Dynamics course starts with learning the basics of X++ and its relationship to object-oriented programming in addition to the tools that are required to develop in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The student then learns more about specific control structures, accessing the database using X++, and handling exceptions in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This course is meant to be an introductory course to development in Microsoft Dynamics AX using X++.

  1. Introduction to X++
    1. Characteristics X++
    2. Development Tool
    3. Reverse Engineering
    4. Best Practices
    5. Lab: Print to the Screen
    6. Lab: Create a Data Model
    7. Lab: Create an XML developer document
  2. X++ Control Statements
    1. Introduction to variables
    2. Operators
    3. Conditional statements
    4. Loops
    5. Built-in functions
    6. Communication Tools
    7. Lab: Create a Times Table
    8. Lab: Create a Times Table Using a For Statement
    9. Lab: Create a YesNo box
    10. Lab: Create a dialog box
    11. Lab: Use X++ Control Statements
  3. Objects and Classes
    1. Classes
    2. Inheritance
    3. Objects
    4. Scoping and parameters in X++
    5. Referencing object methods
    6. Method types
    7. Tables and Classes
    8. Lab: Create a new class
    9. Lab: Use method parameters
    10. Lab: Create a run method
  4. Accessing the Database
    1. Retrieving data
    2. Data Manipulation
    3. Queries
    4. Lab: Retrieving data
    5. Lab: Create a query using X++
  5. Exception Handling
    1. Exceptions
    2. Try and Catch Commands
    3. Throwing Exceptions
    4. Optimistic Concurrency Exceptions
    5. Lab: Handle an Exception
  6. Workflow (If time permits)
    1. Create a workflow category
    2. Create a workflow template
    3. Create a workflow document
    4. Create a workflow approval
    5. Enable workflow on a form
    6. Configure a workflow
    7. Lab: Add another condition to the Submit Action

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