MOC 80291 - Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


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Course Outline

This Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 training introduces the capabilities of Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allow you to track and manage the sales process from potential to close. It provides insight on using the Product Catalog and process sales information. It also introduces some of the tools used to analyze and report on sales information.

The course is designed for new partners and customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that want to learn about the available sales features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of the Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    2. Core Records in the Sales Process
    3. Tracking Competitors and Managing Sales Literature
    4. Working with Leads
    5. Working with Opportunities
    6. Sales Processes, Workflows and Dialogs
    7. Lab: Qualify and Convert LeadsLab: Running a Dialog Process
  2. Working with the Product Catalog
    1. The Product Catalog and the Sales Process
    2. Unit Groups
    3. Adding and Maintaining Products
    4. Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists
    5. Lab: Create a Special Offer Price ListLab: Use a Special Offer Price List for an Opportunity
  3. Sales Order Processing
    1. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process
    2. Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process
    3. Working with Orders
    4. Working with Invoices
    5. Lab: Create Multiple Quotes from an OpportunityLab: Convert a Quote to an Order
  4. Analysis, Reporting and Goals
    1. Analyzing Sales Information with Lists, Views and Charts
    2. Working with Reports
    3. Exporting Sales Information to Microsoft Office Excel
    4. Creating and Managing Sales Goals
    5. Creating Charts
    6. Dashboards
    7. Lab: Create a Sales Goal for Opportunities

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