Windows 7 Webinar


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Course duration

Course Outline

This Windows 7 webinar will start at 1pm ET and last about 2 hours.

This Windows 7 webinar is intended for Managers, Decision Makers and IT Professionals who are interested in learning about the new features being introduced in Windows 7. In this webinar students will learn about the key new benefits of Windows 7 that make it the most secure, reliable and compatible Operating System in Microsoft's history. Students will learn about security features like BitLocker To Go, compatibility features like Windows XP Mode and see how the addition of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack can further enhance the benefits of Windows 7.

  1. Introducing Windows 7
  2. The Evolution of Windows 7
    1. Windows 7 is built on Vista
    2. Deploying, Testing and Piloting
  3. Windows 7 for the Enterprise
    1. Remote Access for Mobile Workers (DirectAccess)
    2. Branch Office Network Performance (BranchCache)
    3. Search in the Enterprise (Search Federation)
    4. Data Protection (BitLocker To Go)
    5. Application Control (AppLocker)
    6. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    7. Increased Value in Optimized Desktop (MDOP)
    8. Desktop vs. Application Virtualization (MEDV vs. AppV)
  4. Windows Virtual PC Application Compatibility Innovations
    1. Virtual PC 2007
    2. Windows Virtual PC and MED-V
    3. Windows 7 experience for Windows XP applications
  5. Windows Optimized Desktop
    1. Windows 7 & MDOP Benefits
  6. Deployment Enhancements
    1. Imaging, Delivery and Migration
    2. Windows 7 Manageability
    3. Microsoft Deployment Guidance
  7. Windows 7 Resources

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