Introduction to Internet Technologies


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Course Outline

You use the Internet regularly, for both work and personal purposes. But now, for various reasons, you want to learn about the technical side of the Internet: What constitutes the Internet? How is a website developed? What are the emerging trends and technologies on the Internet? In this course, you will examine the technical aspects of the Internet.

  1. Exploring the History and Development of the Internet
    1. Overview of the Internet
    2. Overview of the World Wide Web (WWW)
    3. Origins and Development of the Internet
  2. Examining the Working of the Internet
    1. The Physical Structure of the Internet
    2. Data Movement Across the Internet
    3. Internet Protocols
    4. Internet Addressing
    5. Internet Access
  3. Examining the World Wide Web
    1. Explore Websites
    2. Examine Web Clients
    3. Examine Web Servers
    4. Explore Web Applications
    5. Explore Web Addressing
    6. Search the Web
  4. Exploring Website Development and Maintenance
    1. Website Development
    2. Web Content Authoring
    3. Web Graphic Creation
    4. Web Programming
    5. Web Hosting
    6. Website Maintenance and Administration
  5. Exploring Internet Communication Services
    1. Electronic Mail (Email)
    2. Transfer Files Through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    3. Instant Messaging (IM)
    4. Internet Forums
    5. Internet Telephony
    6. Online Gaming
  6. Examining Internet Security
    1. Internet Security Issues
    2. Overview of Security Tools
    3. Ecommerce Security Issues
    4. Configure Security Settings in a Browser
  7. Getting Familiar with Emerging Internet Trends
    1. Current Web Trends and Technologies
    2. Emergent Internet Technologies

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