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Advanced GWT Training

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Course duration

  • 3 Days

Course Outline

In this GWT training class, students learn develop their GWT skills by learning to use advanced widgets and panels, to work with client-server communication, to build JavaScript bridges and much more.

  • Learn to create and use modules in GWT, own or external.
  • Learn to use advanced panels, more widgets, trees in GWT.
  • Learn to use RichTextArea for styled editing in GWT.
  • Learn to use CSS styling of GWT Widgets.
  • Learn to develop own composite widgets.
  • Learn to develop and execute tests and benchmarks in GWT.
  • Discover the GWT's Java Emulator, its capabilities and limitations.
  • Learn to use GWT's DOM management.
  • Learn to use JSON within GWT.
  • Learn to retrieve and show external URLs in GWT forms.
  • Learn the mechanics of integrating Javascript with Java.
  • Learn advanced connectivity mechanisms, polling and related concepts.
  • Learn some best practices on performance and avoiding pit falls.
  • Fair knowledge of Java programming language
  • Basic understanding HTML, CSS, Javascript and their relationships
  • Basic GWT knowledge as taught in our introductory course
  • Some foundation in widget-based Form development using events
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP protocol
  1. Using Modules in GWT
    1. GWT Modules
    2. Using External Modules
    3. Modularizing An Application
    4. Deferred Binding
    5. Multiple-Module Applications
    6. Code Splitting
  2. Styling with CSS in GWT
    1. Syling with CSS in GWT
    2. GWT Visual Themes
    3. Styling Widgets in GWT
    4. Associating CSS Files with a Module
    5. Dependent Style in Widgets
    6. More ClientBundle Elements: CSS Resources, Data Resources, and External Resources
  3. Creating Composite GWT Widgets
    1. Custom GWT Widgets
    2. Composite GWT Widgets
    3. Developing Composite Widgets
    4. Using Composite Widgets
  4. Testing and Debugging GWT Modules in GWT
    1. Testing and Debugging GWT Modules
    2. Unit Testing Concepts
    3. The JUnit Test Framework
    4. Writing a JUnit Test Case
    5. GWT Unit Testing with GWTTestCase
    6. Running junitCreator
    7. Testing Asynchronous Code
    8. GWT System Testing
    9. GWT User Interface Testing
  5. Model View Presenter and Dependency Injection (MVP-DI)
    1. Introduction to Model-View-Presenter
    2. Patterns for Implementing MVP
    3. The Event Bus
    4. Managing Asynchronous Data in MVP Applications
    5. Structuring an Application for Dependency Injection
    6. Adding GIN Dependency Injection to a Module
    7. Key Gin and Guice Annotations
  6. More Server Integration Options in GWT
    1. More Server Integration Options in GWT
    2. Using HTTP Requests
    3. Manipulating an XML DOM
    4. Integrating Using JSON
  7. GWT JavaScript Native Interface
    1. GWT JavaScript Native Interface
    2. Defining JSNI Methods
    3. Sharing Data between JavaScript and Java
    4. Talking to the Browser via JSNI
    5. Using External JavaScript
    6. Using a JavaScriptObject in GWT
    7. Java Callbacks from External JavaScript
    8. Using External Libraries
  8. Advanced GWT Connectivity
    1. Stateful and Stateless Servers
    2. Using Stateful Servers
    3. Handling Exceptions
  9. Client-Side RPC Architecture in GWT
    1. Client-Side RPC Architecture
    2. Client-Side Pull versus Push
    3. Polling Protocols
  10. GWT Best Practices
    1. Security Issues
    2. Performance Concerns
    3. Internationalization in GWT
    4. GWT Pitfalls and Issues
    5. Testing Practices for GWT
    6. Bandwidth-Sensitive Applications

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