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Advanced PHP Training

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Course duration

  • 3 Days

Course Outline

In this advanced PHP training course, students will learn advanced features of the PHP web programming language. You will learn object-oriented PHP programming and how to use PHP to process XML and build Ajax applications.

  • Learn how to program in object-oriented PHP.
  • Learn to process XML with PHP.
  • Learn to work with PEAR modules.
  • Learn PHP Security techniques.
  • Learn to build to an e-commerce application with PHP.
  • PHP
  • XML
  1. Advanced PHP Techniques
    1. Multidimensional Arrays
    2. Advanced Function Definitions
    3. The Heredoc Syntax
    4. Using printf() and sprintf()
  2. Developing Web Applications
    1. Documenting Code
    2. Code Style and Structure
    3. Modularizing a Web Site
    4. Affecting the Browser Cache
  3. Advanced Database Concepts
    1. Storing Sessions in a Database
    2. Working with U.S. Zip Codes
    3. Creating Stored Functions
    4. Displaying Results Horizontally
  4. Security Techniques
    1. Remembering the Basics
    2. Validating Form Data
    3. Using PECL Filter
    4. Authentication with PEAR Auth
    5. Using MCrypt
  5. E-commerce Techniques
    1. E-commerce Concepts
    2. Creating the Database
    3. Creating the Configuration File
    4. Making the Template
    5. Creating the Index Page
    6. Browsing by Category
    7. Showing a Product
    8. Implementing a Shopping Cart
    9. Validating Credit Cards
  6. Basic Object-Oriented Programming
    1. OOP Theory
    2. Defining a Class
    3. Creating an Object
    4. The $this Attribute
    5. Creating Constructors
    6. Creating Destructors
    7. Autoloading Classes
  7. Advanced OOP
    1. Advanced Theories
    2. Inheriting Classes
    3. Inheriting Constructors and Destructors
    4. Overriding Methods
    5. Access Control
    6. Using the Scope Resolution Operator
    7. Creating Static Members
    8. Abstract Classes and Methods
  8. Real-World OOP
    1. Catching Exceptions
    2. Extending the Exception Class
    3. Creating a Shopping Cart Class
    4. Using the Cart Class
  9. Using PEAR
    1. Using Benchmark
    2. Using HTML_QuickForm
    3. Using Mail_Mime
    4. Ajax
    5. Introduction to Ajax
    6. A Simple Example
    7. Full-Fledged Ajax
    8. Debugging Ajax Applications
  10. XML and PHP
    1. What Is XML?
    2. XML Syntax
    3. Attributes, Empty Elements, and Entities
    4. Document Type Definitions
    5. Parsing XML
    6. Creating an RSS Feed

PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide

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