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Web Development using Grails

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Course duration

  • 4 Days

Course Outline

This Groovy on Grails training course teaches experienced web developers how to use the Grails framework to rapidly create sophisticated web applications.

  • Learn to develop model-view-controller web applications using Grails.
  • Learn to access relational databases from Grails.
  • Learn to work with existing Java classes and libraries.
  • Learn to build unit and functional tests for web applications.
  • Groovy
  • Java EE including servlets, JSPs, and database access
  1. Groovy Fundamentals
    1. Differences between Groovy and Java
    2. Declaring classes
    3. Using assertions
    4. Groovy Strings
    5. Closures
    6. Lists and Maps
    7. Expando Objects
    8. Ranges
    9. Metaprogramming
    10. Builders
  2. Grails Project Structure
    1. Overview of a Grails project
    2. Directories for model classes, controllers, and views
    3. Data source configuration
    4. Logging
    5. Command line utilities
    6. IDE integration
  3. Application Entities
    1. Object-Relational Mapping with GORM
    2. Optional properties
    3. Constraints and validation
    4. Modeling relationships
    5. Performing CRUD operations
    6. Dynamic queries
    7. Connection to Hibernate
  4. Scaffolding
    1. Dynamic scaffolding
    2. Working with the dynamic operations
    3. Static scaffolding
    4. Generating controllers
    5. Generating views
  5. Grails Controllers
    1. Setting the default action
    2. Accessing request attributes
    3. Flash scope
    4. Data binding and type conversion
    5. Rendering a response
    6. Using action interception
  6. Groovy Server Pages
    1. Groovy scriptlets
    2. Built-in Grails tags
    3. Dynamic tags
    4. Layouts and templates
    5. Pagination
    6. Creating custom tags
  7. Adding Ajax Support
    1. Basics of Ajax
    2. Handling events
    3. Ajax-supporting tags
  8. Services and Jobs
    1. Transactions
    2. Services and dependency injection
  9. Java Integration
    1. ORM integration with Hibernate
    2. Dependency injection with Spring
    3. Working with legacy databases

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